Luxurious Stationery Rooted In History



LetterSmith is an upscale stationery boutique store located in Boston. The store celebrates a slow method of communication by focusing on the added personal touch of handwriting and handmade craftsmanship. LetterSmith has a wide range of offerings including imported writing supplies, luxury paper, and calligraphy workshops. Because LetterSmith targets stylish, upper-middle class clients, ages 28-45, who appreciate chic and classy hand-crafted goods, the brand language needed to reflect the Victorian vintage influence that was rooted in the origins of traditional calligraphy as well as Boston’s historic culture.

Design Implications

In order to showcase LettersSmith’s commitment to hand-crafted goods, I paid special attention to materials. Specialty paper and finely textured wood, finished with threaded details and wax seals give packaging and collateral a premium feel with plenty of human character. The LetterSmith monogram emblem is used throughout store display and collateral. The LetterSmith logotype is used for packaging. I mirrored the charm of England in the color palette of bright red with hints of golden brown. Adobe Jenson was chosen for its sophistication and was balanced with Neutraface for its clean geometry.


LetterSmith’s monthly calligraphy workshops are a great way to gain and retain customer loyalty. It creates a sense of informal community, an opportunity to attract new curious customers, and bridge the gap between new beginners and experienced hobbyists.

Packaging Experience

There’s a special satisfaction you get when you purchase a well designed product and a special joy that comes from its unboxing. This special feeling is key to the marketing strategy for LetterSmith. The store sets itself apart through its unique offerings. For instance, the calligraphy kit that include an exclusive handmade nib booklet. The booklet was made out of stacked cardboard pieces with slots that perfectly fit the tiny stems of the nibs.