Luxury Vietnamese Retreat with Cultural Authenticity

Student Project


Vietnam Essence is a hospitality group that operates two hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company is expanding to Central Vietnam by opening a new hotel in Hoi An. The new hotel, Lac Viet, was named after the original Vietnamese indigenous culture that colonized the northern region. Cater to the upper class guests with a taste for high end hospitality, this sophisticated boutique hotel with exceptional service and modern architecture, has much to offer tourists who seek to experience fully Hoi An, especially during mid-autumn festival season.

Differentiation & Concept

To differentiate with other hotels in the region, I approached the brand with a minimalistic and modern style. The logotype, inspired by simplified traditional Vietnamese calligraphy, was drawn in a vertical format with geometric forms. The mark, which comes from an abstract interpretation of the the Lac Bird (a national symbol), was executed in a simplified line style.

Hospitality Experience

What makes Lac Viet unique is its exceptional hospitality service. During festival season, the guests will receive complementary tea and mooncake from the hotel as a way to promote the hotel and show customer appreciation. With luxury packaging and delectable treats, the guests are more likely to come back, bring their friends, or even leave positive reviews on TripAdvisor.