Visionary Real Estate & Hospitality Development

ROLE: Brand Designer


Five Chairs Development (FCD) is a hospitality and commercial real estate firm based in Hollywood. Founded by Richard Heyman and Grant King in 2009, the firm has focused on creating destinations, including hotels, business spaces, and entertainment venues. For seven years, FCD has been operating under an outdated branding system and a website that did not represent the firm’s values and what they have to offer. Now, as the company is expanding toward luxury residential real estate, they need to refresh their brand in order to appeal to future property investors.


A dynamic lettermark was created with curved lines and forward movement, representing possibility and growth. The logo is accompanied by the Ingra typeface for its modern, clean lines. A contemporary color palette of mint and gray gives the brand a fresh feel and differentiates it from other, more conservative firms. Throughout the branded collateral, bold architectural photography is layered with color and type for a dramatic look. Founders Grotesk, a tall condensed sans serif was paired with Pitch, a monospace slab, to mirror the feeling of luxury high rises.

Website Revamped

FCD needs to replace the old flash-based, unresponsive website that could not showcase the firm’s skill and offerings. The website should send a clear message that FCD has a great vision for exciting LA projects in residential, high-rise, and hospitality.