Sustainable Agriculture Practice Through Aquaponics

ROLE: Visual Designer
UX DESIGNER: Kira Wilson


Aquagrow is an aquaponics system designed for midscale farming. They are targeting mid-size specialty farmers in drought sensitive regions of the southwest where they believe the conversion to the aquaponics would have the most impact. To launch the product they needed a professional identity and a digital experience that would increase leads and overcome the barrier of the farmer in aquaponic conversion.


main logo


Design Execution

In order to establish a compelling brand that sends a clear message of efficiency, I created the logo in a simplified line style to represent the characteristics of aquaponics—layers of plants and water. The brand uses flat icons and simple illustrations drawn in a unified line style for a modern look. The color palette of a rich blue, contrasted by a bright green, was chosen to convey freshness and sustainability. Brandon Grotesque was used as the primary typeface for its soft-spoken modernism and subtle rounded corners that complement the logo and icon system.

Web Design

The website was created with interactive opportunities for each farmer to input their personal information and receive compelling data, personalized to their situation. The goal was to combat common hesitations that farmers have when considering making an investment in Aquagrow.

After prioritizing the goals and objectives of the target audience and business, the content is organized into a sitemap providing the frameworks for all needs to be addressed. The website is structured to provide the necessary information to answer user’s question “is Aquagrow right for me?” while seeking to receive as many contacts as possible via the contact rep button located on the plan my farm page.

The custom website provides interactive opportunities for each farmer to input their personal information and receive compelling personalized data in turn believing the system will work for them and move to the next step; schedule an on-site visit.

Monitoring Mobile Application

Aquagrow offers a unique monitoring mobile app that help farmers tracking their aquaponics with ease. The app let you manage daily tasks lists, organize stock supplies as well as adjust water and chemical level remotely.